Working With Us

DesignWorks Investments looks for companies with entrepreneurial owners who want to grow their businesses and make them more profitable. When you work with us, you have a partner who will help you solve problems, meet challenges, and remove obstacles for growth. This relationship has three distinct phases: the transaction, the investment period, and the exit.

The Transaction

During this very important stage, three key criteria need to be realized. First, there must be a shared expectation in both the product and long-term growth opportunities. Second, we look for positive chemistry, shared values, and a partnership spirit. Third, we must agree on the value of the business and establish an open and transparent working relationship.

As an owner, your heart, sweat, and tears are in your company. Discussions of selling or bringing in a partner are often emotional. At DesignWorks Investments, we have all owned and operated our own businesses. We know the sensitivities and emotions involved in a transaction. We recognize the importance of company associates. And, we understand and appreciate the need for confidentiality and discretion.

The Investment Period

This is where DesignWorks Investments’ approach differs from so many others. We are not merely investors in your business. We function as your partner, providing strategic support and complementary skill sets in financial analysis, working capital planning/projections, sales and marketing, and operational review. We work with you side-by-side as an equity partner to do whatever is necessary to recalibrate the growth curve of your company. Our objective is to help you get back to the fun, creativity, and product that first fueled your entrepreneurial spirit.

Normally, the investment period will run four to six years. However, the investment period and partnership may extend beyond this window if the profitability and dividend stream are supportive and the partners wish to maintain a working relationship.

The Exit

Once your business has met the targeted sales and profitability goals, we will work together to determine the next steps. This may be mean the sale of the company, refinancing owners’ interests, or merger with a like-minded firm. Possibly you’ll prefer to continue the partnership arrangement with DesignWorks Investments. Then a buy-and-hold strategy would also be an option.